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Relevance For Today

A Voice of Truth, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Reaching out through Relevant Christian Podcasts, Biblical Writings, Bible Studies, Interviews and more, for Believers and those considering Salvation through Jesus Christ; that will help educate, encourage and Inspire. With the end goal of Jesus Christ getting the glory!

Jan 20, 2021

Relevance For Today

Episode 125

“Today And Beyond”

In this episode I will be sharing my pledge regardless of what happens in the world from 2021 and beyond. God Bless You and Yours, Love To You ALL.

I Will Still Serve The Lord

I Will Still Stand and Declare UnAshamed That I Am A Follower Of Jesus Christ

I Will Still Pray (For You, Family, The Lost, The Sick, The Hurting, Hungry, Homeless and Forgotten)

I Will Still Love Others

I Will Still Rely On The Holy Spirit Daily to Help Me Walk in the Calling That God has on My Life

I Will Still Focus on Being A Light Everywhere I Go Both In-Person and Online Around The World

I Will Still Share The Good News About Jesus Christ

I Will Still Love YOU No Matter How You Feel About Me

I Will Still Pray For Our Leaders To Come To Know Jesus Christ As Their Savior And Lord

I Will Still Thank God Everyday For All He Has Done For Me

I Will Still Be Thankful No Matter What Life Brings

I Will Still Focus On Reaching The World So That God Get’s The Glory

I Will Still Represent Jesus Christ Daily

I Will Still Pray For The Unborn Child as Well As All The Children In The World Who are Not Being Taken Care of Properly

I Will Still Continue To Remind You ALL That You Are Loved By God No Matter What You Have Done In Your Life, and That It IS NEVER TOO LATE  To Turn Your Life Over To HIM.... Salvation Is For Everyone Who Will Turn From Their Sins and Turn To God.

And Once Again I Will Continue To Remind Everyone That No Matter What Happens In This World..... Jesus Is Still On The Throne. 

Feel Free To Copy And Use This Or Tweek It To Your Own Pledge and you do not have to tag my name in it Stephen Lewis 2021

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