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Relevance For Today

A Voice of Truth, inspired by the Holy Spirit. Reaching out through Relevant Christian Podcasts, Biblical Writings, Bible Studies, Interviews and more, for Believers and those considering Salvation through Jesus Christ; that will help educate, encourage and Inspire. With the end goal of Jesus Christ getting the glory!

Feb 28, 2022

Relevance For Today

 Episode 181

“My Birthday Thoughts”

 In this episode, I will be sharing some birthday thoughts. Now that I am 52, I am reflecting on the importance of being a follower of Jesus Christ. In this day and age, we must stay focused on what’s important and also on Jesus Christ and what He did for...

Feb 21, 2022

Relevance For Today
Episode 180
“Transforming The Mind”

In this episode, I will be taking a look at Romans 12:2, where the Apostle Paul encourages us to transform our minds and not to conform to the way of the world. In 2022 and beyond we must for on the Kingdom of God and not the Kingdom of Man. We are to act...

Feb 14, 2022

Relevance For Today

 Episode 179

“More Encouragement for 2022”

 In this episode, I will be sharing some more important scriptures for this year. The Apostle Paul wrote many letters to the churches as seen in the New Testament. The key thing we must remember is that we also are the church and can glean from...

Feb 7, 2022

Relevance For Today

Episode 178

A Chat with Steven and Braylon

Hey, Folks since this month is my Birthday Month (25th of February) I wanted to do some special interviews while we are traveling. In this episode, I sit down and have a down-to-earth chat with my Son and A friend of the Family Braylon. We hope you will get...